Fire Safety Adviser Training – Course Overview

The Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 requires all high occupancy buildings to have a Fire Safety Adviser. This course delivers participants the skill set and knowledge base required to assume the role of the Fire Safety Adviser in accordance with the. The skill set and knowledge base delivered will enable the participant to successfully fulfill the role of the Fire Safety Adviser as detailed below:

The Fire Safety Adviser has a responsibility to:

  • Be familiar with all aspects of the building fire safety
  • Provide advice to the occupier to ensure appropriate emergency planning has taken place
  • Provide advice to the occupier that appropriate instruction is carried out at the prescribed times and intervals

In addition the Fire Safety Adviser may provide the following assistance to the occupier:

  • Liaise with the occupier to ensure development of the Fire and Evacuation Plan.
  • Liaise with the occupier to ensure the development of the Evacuation Signs.
  • Review the Fire and Evacuation Plan and Evacuation Signs annually.
  • Monitor the buildings prescribed fire safety installation maintenance schedule and maintenance records and advise the occupier of discrepancies.
  • Coordinate the establishment and manage the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) where required.
  • Arrange or provide general evacuation instruction as well as first response evacuation instruction and evacuation coordinator instruction.
  • Provide advice to the occupier of any possible breaches of the regulations.
  • Coordinate evacuation practice.


This is a nationally accredited course with successful participants receiving a Statement of Attainment in the following competencies:

  • PUAWER001B – Identify, prevent and report workplace emergencies
  • PUAWER002B – Ensure workplace emergency prevention procedures, systems and processes are implemented
  • PUAWER003B – Manage and monitor workplace emergency procedures, equipment and other resources
  •  PUAWER004B – Respond to workplace emergencies
  •  PUAWER005B – Operate as part of an emergency control organization
  •  PUAWER006B – Lead an emergency control organization
  • PUAWER007B – Manage an emergency control organization
  • PUAWER008B – Confine small workplace emergencies

Fire Safety Adviser Training – Target Audience

All Queensland workplaces as required under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008.