Fire Safety Compliance Services (FSCS) offer a range of compliance tools and training services to ensure that your business is compliant and prepared to handle a range of emergency situations. Established to provide fire safety compliance to the body corporate industry, FSCS has grown to include: hospitality, small and medium sized business, industrial, manufacturing and other service based industries.

FSCS is a one stop compliance firm for all your fire safety issues. We provide site specific evacuation signs, fire and evacuation plans, emergency planning procedures, management of the emergency control organisation, fire safety compliance audits and risk assessments, tailored training packages, fire safety adviser services and fire safety installation management.

FSCS has a team of experienced fire safety professionals, with a practical working knowledge of emergency, risk, and fire safety principals. We aim to impart our knowledge and experience with a view to better preparing companies and businesses in handling emergency situations.

Our success has been achieved through a focus on fire safety compliance principles, delivered through a structured client based approach, aimed at reducing our clients’ exposure to emergency situations. We take into account the distinctive requirements of each business to develop the finest training program for individual businesses, ensuring the required competencies and outcomes are achieved.